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Humanitarian Relief

Crises happen unexpectedly and when they do, Compassion Medical is there to act as first responders with medical and humanitarian relief.  We are committed to doing everything we can by leveraging our networks across the globe. There are ways you can get involved with each situation that arises, from helping to provide refugee relief to going on a trip with our team.

food aid for Ukraine
Help for Ukraine

Medical Services

We are always looking for medical providers who want to donate their time to provide medical consults for our faith-based international partners and/or medical clinics across the globe. We occasionally have individuals who are in medically underserved areas who want a second opinion regarding a diagnosis, treatment plan, or symptom. The best part about this is you can connect with people from all over the world from your own armchair. You can volunteer whenever you have free time to give. You can pick a region, a clinic, or just see where the needs are during your volunteer slot.

International Initiatives

In addition to our crisis relief efforts, we send medical teams to underserved areas to provide care on a community level. We work hard to partner with community faith leaders to set up health clinics that include follow-up care and translators. Compassion Medical recently had a team return from Zimbabwe where they conducted an eye clinic and provided 100s of glasses to children and adults who haven’t been able to read or see due to poor eyesight. If you are interested in joining us on a short term trip please contact us for news on our upcoming trips! 

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