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More than ten million refugees are on the move escaping horrifying brutality. Our network of educators, church leaders, and missionaries are closely connected to everyday Ukrainian people. They are able to quickly deliver aid with efficiency and effectiveness difficult for larger organizations to match.


Compassion Medical is raising funds and delivering aid through a local partnership network across Ukraine which includes almost 1000 churches. Between 95%-100% of every dollar given to this project will go directly to the field. We are providing food, medicine, protection equipment, and refugee evacuation exclusively through local networks who are highly connected to their communities. This European crisis is the worst since WWII. Every gift makes a difference. 


In the fall of 2021, Compassion Medical was part of a team that rescued almost 10,000 refugees from Afghanistan. This operation saved thousands of families and individuals from almost certain torture, imprisonment, and death. We are continuing to help resettle and connect Afghan families with communities and people that are willing to help them.